Media Safe is a backup solution for media files and other related data developed by TV Tools. Media Safe is designed for fast backup and versioning of large data masses.

In the digital world, securing data is critical for almost every single business. In media production, management, and distribution the media files are in the business’s core. Compared to a lot of other data, media files are very large and they are formed in large amounts at once, especially in the production phase. This sets technical and financial demands for securing them. We believe that backup operations needs to be easy and trustworthy. When necessary, the backup needs to be accessed and restored quickly,

Media Safe has been designed to answer these needs. We have experience of various media backup solutions for over 15 years. We’ve utilized this experience developing Media Safe and combined the best features of different solutions into one solution.



Perfect for backing up Elements and Codex storage systems. Supports macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems. Designed and tested to work with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Secures the production

Media Safe’s performance is enough for lightweight production use, in case the production storage is not available.

On-site or Off-site

Media Safe can be located in customer’s premises or TV Tools Data Center. We recommend spreading the production and backup storage systems in different locations.


The capacity and performance can be scaled flexibly.

Cost efficient

Media Safe €/TB is 50-80 % cheaper compared to production storage.

  • Models: models for either 24 or 60 disc slots.
  • Capacity: 96TB–2,9PB in one system. For larger capacity needs, it’s possible to use multiple systems together.
  • Connections: Standard is 2x100GbE, 2x10GbE and 1x1GbE (management). Option for additional ports and different port configurations.
  • Securing software: Archiware P5
  • Guarantee: Standard guarantee is 5 years.

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