TV Tools


We care – about our employees, customers and the nature. We carry our social responsibility and want to do good.

Business principles

For us in TV Tools, trust, honesty, open competition and obeying the law are everything. Our business principle is to form long-lasting customer relationships. Our goal is not to maximize the profits of every single trade, but to create a cooperation model which helps both our customers and ourselves to succeed together.

We always form technology partnerships with carefully selected and only reliable parties. TV Tools is a non-biased actor, whose operations and choices are not led by any political or convinced ideologies. We ensure that our technology partners and suppliers operate in accordance with international conventions and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We are a 100 % domestic company and pay all our taxes to Finland. All of our stakeholders work in the company. We produce most of our services ourselves and use carefully selected subcontractors.

We respect and cherish equality in our company and strive to prevent any kind of discrimination in our operations. We make sure our work environment is healthy and safe for our employees. We always recognize and pay attention to the fundamental rights of our employees.

Environmental responsibility

We acknowledge the environmental impact of the business operations in providing technological solutions. We have strived to affect the size of the impact throughout different actions in our company, such as;

  • Optimizing technological acquisitions – we only acquire what’s necessary.
  • The optimization of the equipment’s life cycle – we favor high-quality equipment and smart technological solutions, which enables a long life cycle. This helps us save nature and keep control of the costs. This applies to both our company’s own equipment and the technological solutions sold to our customers.
  • Recycling the old technology in our own use and from our customers.
  • The reuse of old equipment by donating them to OUBS (Otaniemi Underground Broadcasting System).
  • The precise consideration and minimization of business trips, especially air travel.
  • The choices of vehicles used in our company.

In addition, we have an extensive environmental mission, of which you can read more here.


Each year, we donate our profits to charity. Last year’s 12 000–15 000 € worth of donations have been given to;

  • Mieli Mental Health Finland
  • Veikko ja Lahja Hurstin Laupeudentyö – Hurstinapu ry – A organization distributing clothing and food grants throughout the year to those in serious need.
  • Hope – Yhdessä & Yhteisesti ry – A charity that helps low-income families in Finland.
  • The Federation of Mother and child homes and Shelters
  • The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettle
  • The Tale of the Sleeping Giants – Finnish nature documentary
  • The fund for the disadvantaged by the Football Club Espoo Palloseura (EPS) – Enabling children from low-income families to take part in sport hobbies.