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Media Pocket is an intelligent cloud-based solution for smooth media management, archiving and distribution.

We produce and consume record-breaking amounts of digital content. Videos, photos and other media files are utilized in almost every business – outside the media field as well. Media Pocket enables companies’ effective and easy-to-use media management from production to distribution.

Media Pocket is continuously developing a cloud-based platform for centralized management, archiving and distribution of media files. With Media Pocket, you’ll secure your material, enhance internal and outer collaboration with media files, and locate your files faster from your archives by utilizing image recognition AI. All functions for agile media management are accessible on one platform as it is – or integrated with other used systems, creating the perfect media ecosystem.

We have developed Media Pocket cloud application in co-operation with our subsidiary company Media Tailor. The service combines our corporations’ expertise and field know-how on media production, management and distribution.


Save time

The time used for searching and managing material decreases. The utilization rate of material improves.


The service is scaling with the growing needs. Automation efficiently processes data, even as the volume increases.


The open application interface (API) enables integrations to other systems. Media traffic is more trustworthy and effective.

Savings on investments

Investments on enlarging and maintaining the physical storage capacity are eliminated.

Improved user experience

Working with a modern user interface increases productivity and enhances customer experience.


Changing needs are executed with agile DevOps methods. Check the recent updates here.


Secure storage for the entire life cycle of your content

  • Secure, certified and geo-distributed material storage
  • Gather materials from partners and freelancers in one place with multi-level permissions. You decide who can see and do – and what

Fast media transfers from workstations and production environments

  • Transfer material between your workstation and Media Pocket directly from your browser
  • Media Pocket Loader enables archiving and recovery between the production environment and the cloud service – Loader also recognizes and preserves all project folder structures!

Smooth post-production workflows

  • Share a file by link or invite collaborators into the environment fully controlled
  • Real-time commenting and fast review and approval functions accessible in the platform removes the need for unnecessary messaging in other channels

Perform fast publishing process

  • Share media files straight to your channels, such as YouTube or Vimeo
  • Automatize transcoding and distribution to desirable channels, such as VoD-libraries and linear TV broadcasts with tailored integrations and already modeled processes

Generate different versions of media effortlessly within the archive

  • Sub-clip videos and crop photos for different purposes and channels
  • Download, delete or share created versions with one click

Leverage artificial intelligence as a part of your agile media management

Improve material searchability with AI-driven object, text, and speech recognition and decrease the amount of manual organizing with AI’s automatically created smart tags. See the video below to figure out how it works in action.

“All files are secure and quickly accessible. A centralized start saves us a lot of time. We can work together with our customers and partners on the same platform.”

Lauri Antonius
Kuitu Media

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