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Video calibration

Video calibration refers to the calibration of display devices. The goal is to ensure that the display presents the content as it was intended by the creator in the mastering phase.

Calibration system analyzes the image and adjusts the monitor settings, either automatically or manually, so that the image is reproduced correctly. Calibration systems are able to analyze the image much more accurately compared to the human eye. Accurate and regular calibration ensures that the content is repeated exactly as intended.

We are a certified Portrait Displays Calman calibration system reseller, service provider and trainer in the Nordic countries.

  • We offer calibration as a CaaS (Calibration-as-a-Service)
  • We resell Calman calibration systems
  • We train the use of calibration systems

To whom?

We offer video calibration services for media professionals as well as consumer electronics retailers. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer calibration to consumers.

Get calibration as a service

We perform calibration with the Portrait Displays Calman software, and certified test pattern generators and measurement devices. The same system is trusted by Hollywood’s renowned color graders, as well as the streaming service Netflix, which requires its partners to master the delivered content using Calman system.

We calibrate all display devices – video monitors, TVs, computer monitors and projectors. We provide a report for each calibration, showing the situation before and after the calibration. You can order the calibration either as a onetime job or as a continuous service.

Get your own calibration system

You can also perform the calibration yourself! We will help you choose the suitable Calman calibration system and train you to use it correctly. The training also includes information about the basic principles of digital imaging and the differences between SDR and HDR calibration.

Audio calibration

We are an official Genelec reseller and a certified expert in Genelec SAM (Smart Active Monitor) and GLM systems. We sell Genelec professional speakers and systems and provide related expert services.

It’s important to us that our customers can use Genelec speakers in their full potential and achieve excellent sound quality. Each room space responds differently to sound, adding or removing details and dynamics from it. Audio calibration minimizes the detrimental effects of room acoustics on sound quality and frequency balance.

Get the right Genelec SAM speaker optimization for your facilities with GLM software and measuring equipment.

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