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TaaS = Technology as a Service

All-in-one technology service package for your media business

Over the years, we have developed from a hardware and software reseller, and project supplier to a knowledgeable service and comprehensive solution provider. We have the right tools and know-how to fulfill the needs for reliable media production, management and distribution. Prior to TV Tools, many of our key specialists have worked in various roles in TV and film productions.

Our all-in-one service package TaaS is made to serve all media professionals comprehensively. It combines all technology and services needed by your media business into a highly convenient and worry-free turn-key package. You’re never alone with technology when utilizing TaaS!

TaaS enables you to set your focus on your core operations and business development without major one-time investments. Monthly fee covers your specific needs, be it production equipment, hardware, software, cloud services, continuous development, monitoring, support or maintenance services.

TaaS always includes the following

Solution design

Installation and delivery

account manager

and support services

Mon Tool
monitoring service

Life cycle
management services

TaaS customized for your needs

TaaS solution is designed based on your media business’ needs. It can include for example one, multiple or all of the following solutions:

technology as a service.

Camera and production equipment

We provide camera and production equipment for both single and multi-camera production requirements. We work only with the best technologies for media production. We also provide maintenance for all the technologies and brands we supply.

Production systems

Be it studio or radio production, news operation, sports production or live streaming, we got you covered. Solutions for live production are one of our key expertise areas.

Post-production systems

Post-production has been a key part of our business since the late 1990s. Finland’s largest TV production companies and post-production houses trust us. Also, we are the only Adobe Certified Service Partner (ACeSP) in the Nordic countries.

Media Pocket

Media Pocket is a cloud platform for media production, management, archiving and distribution. With Media Pocket, you’ll secure your material, enhance collaboration with media files, and locate your files faster by utilizing image recognition AI.

IT services

On top of solutions for your media operations, we provide IT services including networking, firewall, MDM and cloud services. We are certified Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 partner.

Why to choose TV Tools?

Leading with expertise

We act towards technology with passion and develop our know-how constantly.


We provide product development to help your business grow.

We enable your operations

We provide comprehensive solutions for our customers to the core of their business.

We are trustworthy

We take care of even the most difficult cases with dignity – we don’t believe in rear light guarantees.

We’re independent

All of our stakeholders work in the company and we pay all of our taxes to Finland.

We’re here today and tomorrow

We’re not looking for quick wins – we’re investing in long-lasting customer relationships.

Contact us!

Interested in Technology as a Service? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will tell you more and design a TaaS service package that suits your needs.

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