TV Tools

Subsidiary Media Tailor

Media Tailor provides media management and distribution as an end-to-end solution. Its goal is to create the best possible media content supply chain for its customers.

Technology solutions for media management, media logistics and broadcasting have been key areas of TV Tools since the early days of the company. The idea for the subsidiary came about when we realized that some of our customers no longer wanted to own and operate the systems themselves. Especially in the areas of media management, media logistics and broadcasting, our customers were interested in total services instead of their own systems. Media Tailor started to operate in 2016.

Media Tailor’s Services 

Media Tailor provides comprehensive media services for content management, archiving and publishing. The services are centralized on modern digital platforms, which are managed and continuously developed by Media Tailor. With integrations and an intelligent workflow engine, most operations can be automated. The professional staff makes sure that the content you own is always stored and published on the right channels – at the right time.


Media Logistics

Media Tailor provides a complete solution for coordinating and operating media content. An advanced service platform and highly automated workflows are tailored to meet even the most demanding needs. The result is more efficient, faster and more reliable outsourced media logistics.


Ensure the stability and smoothness of your broadcasting flow. The distribution of linear and OTT takes place in Media Tailor’s MCR with state-of-the-art playout automation.

Dynamic monitoring and professional personnel ensure fast problem-solving and error-free flow 24/7.

Media Pocket

Media Pocket is a SaaS cloud service developed by Media Tailor and TV Tools for seamless media management.

With Media Pocket, you can quickly find, manage, and share media files. The service is suitable for use by any company that processes images and videos due to its scalability and integrability.









Media Tailor has a broad understanding of the content business through a variety of customers. The planning of operations and the optimization of processes and workflows together with the customer are always part of the service. Media Tailor serves television companies, advertising agencies and the production industry. Media Tailor’s mission is to help and support companies to streamline and automate the entire content distribution chain and thereby succeed in the global content business.