TV Tools


TV Tools is a media technology partner for forward-thinking companies. We enable reliable media production, management and distribution. We develop software applications and platforms to help your business grow. We are happy to serve you on both a turnkey basis and individual needs.

Progress and development drive us forward. Over the years, we have developed from a hardware and project supplier to a knowledgeable service and comprehensive solution provider. We invest in our service business and product development. The success of our company is based on excellence, the determined development of our operations and the genuine spirit of doing things that nurture our customers’ trust.

The story of TV Tools

The story of TV Tools began in January 1996, when Timo Kujala decided to start his own business. The digitalization of media industry was just about to begin. There was a technological breakthrough happening in video editing, when the first non-linear solutions were about to come to the market. Timo started co-operation with an American company Scitex, and brought the non-linear editing to Finland.

The pioneer work of a newly founded business was not a piece of cake. VideoSphere, the first product of Scitex, did not work as smoothly as the provider’s marketing promises at first. Capital was limited, and each transaction funded the advance payments and customs expenses of the next imported system. With persistency, one VideoSphere at a time, the business began to roll.

TV Tools’ reputation had already spread within the industry. The know-how of post-production processes had evolved on a pretty good level, and Timo wanted to expand the business. In their second year of operating, TV Tools were chosen as the service provider of a new TV channel, Nelonen. The project comprised studio, production, and media logistics systems for news broadcasts. Nelonen chose the young company, because TV Tools’ solution was modern and innovative.

The success of demanding projects and Timo’s uncompromising customer service and hungry attitude generated results. Before the end of the 90s, TV Tools expanded their business to provide broadcast systems for cruise liners. Next for TV studios, then for distribution systems. Over the years, TV Tools has expanded their business to cover all needs among media production, management and distribution.

Our customer promise

Leading with expertise

We act towards technology with passion and develop our know-how constantly.


We provide product development to help your business grow.

We enable your operations

We provide comprehensive solutions for our customers to the core of their business.

We are trustworthy

We take care of even the most difficult cases with dignity – we won’t leave our customers alone.

We’re independent

All of our stakeholders work in the company and we pay all of our taxes to Finland.

We’re here today and tomorrow

We’re not looking for quick wins – we’re investing in long-lasting customer relationships.