TV Tools

The Board

TV Tools is backed by an active and regularly convened Board of Directors.

The Board takes care of the proper organization of our operations and secures our future. Its tasks include e.g. strategy, investment and remuneration decisions. In addition, the Board approves the annual action plan and budget and reviews and approves the financial statements and the report of the Board of Directors. The Board comprises external and members of our company’s management. Who are the people behind these important decisions?

Timo Kujala

Chairman of the board & Partner

Timo is the founder of TV Tools and the chairman of the board. He acted as TV Tools’ CEO from 1996 to 2017. Timo is also the chairman of the board for TV Tools’ subsidiary company, Media Tailor.

Besides these companies, Timo is focused on reforming the Finnish forest industry and on our environmental mission.

Juha Blomster


Juha has acted as CEO for companies such as A-lehdet, Talentum and Aamulehti. At the moment, he is active on the board of Tokmanni and Pohjoisranta BCW, amongst others.

At TV Tools, Juha is developing the leadership system, leading the strategic work and acting as the mentor for the company’s CEO.

Markus Paul


Markus is the CEO of the subsidiary company Media Tailor, partner and a member of the board.

He is currently taking part in developing the customer experience and synergy within the corporation.

Altti Loikkanen

CtO & Partner

Altti is TV Tools’ Chief technology officer and a partner. He leads TV Tools’ media technology team. 

On the Board, Altti focuses on the development of the company’s organization, operating principles and processes, and on monitoring technological development.

Mikko Kujala


Mikko is TV Tools’ CEO and partner. He is also a member of the board for the subsidiary company, Media Tailor.

Mikko has climbed into the lead of the company, growing through the whole organisation. For TV Tools, he has created new business actions, operated as a head architect in innovative technological solutions and developed the company’s operating principles and processes.