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Life Cycle Management

In the media industry, the needs of business and users can change rapidly. Technology is constantly evolving. The goal of our life cycle services is to ensure the timeliness, usability, compatibility and cost optimization of the technology you use.

We design solutions with modular and open architectures. We strive to reduce the complexity of systems without compromising on features. These design principles allow us to take into account the needs of our customers and optimize costs throughout their systems’ life cycle.

Typically, technologies require renewal at different times. Some devices may require replacement after three years, for example, while others last well for five years. We strive to take advantage of each part of the system as long as it is technically sound and economically viable. We believe technology and cost optimization will help build lasting and successful customer relationships.

Our turn-key solutions delivered as a service always include life cycle management, support service and Mon Tool monitoring service.

Services include

Life cycle monitoring

Cost and renewal optimization

Documentation and configuration database

Onboarding and training of new employees

Preparation and training for major incidents

Recycling of discarded equipment

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