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We believe that employees who enjoy their work create satisfied customers. We work with forward-thinking companies while curbing climate change through our environmental mission.

We are known as true can-doers. And that’s what’s nurtures our customer’s trust. Evolution and development drive us forward. We want to inspire the industry and do things in a new way.

We offer freedom and responsibility in the right ratio. However, we don’t leave anyone alone; we always help and support our coworkers. We have a comprehensive induction system for new employees. Every TV Tools employee has the opportunity to develop their skills and grow in their career within the company.

Our teams

Back Office Team

The team is at the core of our company. Team takes care of purchasing and sales, invoicing and other commercial background functions. No day in the Back Office team is the same. Our team works closely with all other teams and also responds directly to the needs of our customers. The team works at our headquarters, Helsinki.

Camera & Lights Team

The camera & lights team is responsible for sales, customer service and maintenance of camera and production equipment, as well as related accessories. The members of the team are passionate about camera and production light technology and keep our Showroom product range up to date. We also have expertise in camera, cinema head and tripod maintenance. The team operates in our headquarters.

Dev Team

The Dev Team is responsible for our software development. Team chooses its own tools, platforms and ways of working. This allows for continuous development and rapid movements. The team offers diverse roles and a flexible combination of independent and teamwork. Our team members get to work on various projects and services with our other teams as well as directly with our customers.

Media Technology Team

The team designs and implements solutions for the production and distribution of media on a turnkey basis. We support the development of technology solutions and take the responsibility for their maintenance up to the 24/7 service level. Our team includes a wide range of top experts in broadcast and media technologies. Our customer base mainly consists of TV and media companies and event venues. The team operates in Helsinki and Tampere.

Post & Infra Team

The team designs and implements solutions and total services for media post-production and management. The team has excellence in post-production technologies and IT services. There are several dozen systems in the daily maintenance of our team, from the Helsinki metropolitan area to northern Finland. In addition to turnkey packages and comprehensive service packages, we also find solutions for special needs. The team works at our Helsinki office.

Shipbuilding Team

The team designs and implements broadcast systems for cruise lines on a turnkey basis. Our team has excellence in broadcast technologies and special expertise in marine environments. The team handles ship projects from design to delivery. The team has its own production facilities in Turku near the shipyard. In the team, you will also be able to work at the shipyard on new ocean-going cruise liners under construction and participate in the delivery of ocean-ready ships.

In TV Tools, projects stay interesting and we work determinedly. My eight-year-long work history shows that I enjoy being here, thanks to the good team spirit.

Heikki Lindroos
Head of Software Development
Dev Team

TV Tools offers me freedom and responsibility in the right proportion. The working time system is nicely flexible. I get a suitable challenge in a safe environment.

Olli Aromaa
Head of Media Technology Solutions
Media Technology Team


Our team is at the heart of the company’s daily operations. Although our work is sometimes hectic, fulfilling the needs of other teams and customers is always rewarding.

Maira Kämppi
Office Manager
Back Office Team

The spirit in our team is excellent. Work runs smoothly and friends are always helpful. Job functions live according to experience. Here, you can grow and develop on your own terms.

Mikko Hallikainen
Systems Specialist
Media Technology Team

At TV Tools, colleagues support each other whenever needed. Besides a friendly atmosphere, every working day is always refreshingly different, which allows for the continuous development of my skills.

Teemu Strand
Systems Specialist
Media Technology Team

Personnel benefits

Exercise benefit

We support our employees’ sporty hobbies with gym and Smartum exercise benefits.

Culture benefit

Our employees can enjoy themselves with Smartum culture benefit.

Lunch benefit

The Edenred Lunch Card is one of our employment benefits.

Cabin at Ruka

Our employees can book free cottage holiday periods to relax and enjoy Ruka’s and Kuusamo’s nature.

Top-tier tools

A Mac or Windows workstation, iPhone, modern platforms, and role-based tools and gauges allow you to work smoothly.

Internal events

We hold at least two major events each year, as well as several smaller project and team specific recreational events.

Snacks at the office

We provide healthy and refreshing snacks at our offices.

Environmental mission

By working at TV Tools, you support Finland’s biodiversity and help curb climate change.

Read more about our environmental mission.

The most interesting projects and customers

We work with forward-looking companies and significant projects.


Open positions

Can’t find the right place for you right now? No worries! We are always interested in solid workers. You can also leave us an open application below.