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 New partnership: Hedge x TV Tools!

Great workflows start with great apps, and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions aligns perfectly with Hedges philosophy. Their applications are designed to be software building blocks, that integrate into your workflow, not the other way around. TV Tools is delighted to announce our partnership with Hedge, bringing their suite of applications and solutions to our valued customers in the Nordic regions. Together, we offer software solutions that can optimize and customize your workflow, fostering efficiency, repeatability, and time-saving advantages for your teams.


Founded in 2016, Hedge was born out of the need to facilitate the handling and offloading of thousands of media assets in a secure way, allowing them to easily enter the post-production process. Rapidly becoming known for its fast transfers, simple and easy-to-use design, as well as its powerful feature set, Hedge continues to uphold Dutch design principles, expanding its product lineup to assist with the secure handling of media assets. Covering all aspects of the creative workflow, from Offload all the way through to Backup.

OffShoot is the go-to solution for thousands of creative professionals seeking fast, secure, and verified data transfers. It’s also a comprehensive tool used to manage metadata during offload or ingest, whilst ensuring data integrity. Formerly known as Hedge for Mac, OffShoot serves diverse creatives, from hobbyists to cinematic pros. For iPad users with USB-C, OffShoot Solo offers on-the-go media cards and drive backups for those that are laptop-free. OffShoot, for Mac/Win, streamlines backups from various sources to multiple destinations, enhancing metadata and file management. Elevate your workflow further with OffShoot Pro.Offering verified S3 cloud transfer, Remote presets, scripting, API, and specialized integrations with Iconik and Codex Device Manager support, including support for Alexa 35.


EditReady is more than a transcoder, offering a range of tools to prepare clips for editing and streamlining workflows. It supports all professional video formats and is perfect for aligning codecs and applying LUTs, adding watermarks, time code, and frame guides burn-in. EditReady’s ColorAware engine allows for accurate processing of RAW formats. Optimized for Apple silicon as well as Intel-based hardware, EditReady is available as a standalone desktop client for individual users, and also as EditReady Server to power the background processing of proxy files for MAM systems.

Mimiq empowers Media Composer users with the freedom of choice when it comes to storage. This desktop client seamlessly enables editors to mount Network Storage volumes via AFP, NFS, and SMB within Avid Media Composer, promoting collaborative Bin Locking. Mimiq Pro takes it further, creating Workspaces and expanding compatibility to include DAS/SAN and cloud file spaces like LucidLink, enabling remote collaboration, and offering a hybrid path for transitioning to the cloud. Mimiq helps to unify storage options, facilitating collaboration across Edit, VFX, Sound, Color, and Finishing for creative professionals.

Canister takes the hassle out of LTO. Its user-friendly interface preflight checks hardware and driver compatibility, guiding you through LTO setup. Featuring easy drag-and-drop functionality, it allows LTO management to feel as familiar as a direct-to-disk workflow. LTO tapes offer cost-effective, archive-grade storage with large capacity tapes, allowing you to, keep your edit storage efficient, and projects can be securely stored for future reference. Canister’s cataloging capability ensures easy file retrieval without needing to mount a tape, enabling selective recall of the files you require. Enhance your LTO experience with Canister on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Discover details at Hedge’s website and get in contact with us for more info!

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