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IBC 2023: Adobe Introduces AI Capabilities and 3D Functionalities in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Adobe has taken major steps in utilizing AI and 3D innovations across its platforms. Especially video applications, such as Premiere Pro and After Effects have benefited from the new features.


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Adobe’s latest beta releases for Premiere Pro and After Effects provide creative professionals with a fast, reliable, and intuitive toolset, fostering seamless collaboration.

The development work has been based on user feedback. That allows new innovations to support creative minds the best way possible.

New AI-powered features automate time-consuming tasks, allowing video editors and motion designers to realize their creative visions rapidly. Furthermore, numerous workflow enhancements significantly boost productivity.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro has carried the torch for video tools throughout its existence. Over the years, it has become known for its ahead-of-its-time development and user-centric approach.

Now the software has taken new steps in the field of AI. Here are the highlights released at IBC:

Enhance Speech

Premiere Pro utilizes AI to enhance speech quality in videos by removing background noise and improving poorly recorded dialogue. It offers a mix slider to balance background noise for desired results. Audio Category Tagging helps categorize audio clips, making audio editing more efficient.

Text-Based Editing Improvements

Text-Based Editing now includes filler word detection, enabling automatic identification and removal of filler words and pauses from dialogue, streamlining editing tasks. These features are accessible in the Transcript panel. No more unnecessary “ums” and “uhs”!

Performance Optimizations

The latest version offers substantial timeline performance improvements, making editing faster. The Effects Manager helps identify incompatible plug-ins for better system performance. Automatic project recovery ensures work continuity in case of issues.

Color Enhancements

New color preferences and improved tone mapping options simplify color correction. Automatic Tone Mapping includes three new methods, consolidated settings in the Lumetri Color panel, enhanced LUT management, and the Viewer Gamma option for precise color control in QuickTime Player.

After Effects

Adobe After Effects is an absolute powerhouse for anyone interested in video production and motion graphics. It’s like having a magic wand for visual effects and animation in your creative arsenal.

After Effects is now filled with new AI possibilities:

True 3D Workspace

A true 3D workspace allows for the incorporation of depth and dimension into compositions with native 3D model import. This includes Image-Based Lighting for realistic scene integration and stunning 3D motion graphics. Additionally, a novel technique for fusing 2D and 3D into a composition has been added.

AI-Powered Roto Brush

With the help of a brand-new AI model in the well-known Roto Brush tool, hard-to-isolate elements like overlapping limbs, hair, and transparencies are easily removed from their background. With the help of this feature, editors, motion designers, and VFX artists can save hours of laborious rotoscoping work, allowing users to concentrate on the more imaginative aspects of projects.

In addition to Premiere Pro and After Effects, Adobe has published new features to Users are able to test these new possibilities in beta. Generally these features are available later this fall. Access the beta and read more in Adobe’s website.

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