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IBC 2023: Sony’s New Camera Release, BURANO!

The newest launch, BURANO, is a versatile, lightweight, and compact 8K full-frame cinema camera. It offers 16 stops of dynamic range, image stabilization compatible with both PL and E-mount lenses, and easy adaptability for solo or team productions.


Unveiling a new concept in cinema cameras, BURANO offers unparalleled mobility for solo operators. It redefines the essence of “Look and Operability” from a cinema camera, enhancing it for solo and small team productions.

It has Venice 2´s superior image quality and usability but weighs 33% less than Venice 2, it’s remarkably power-efficient.

As the world’s first PL-mount compatible camera with a built-in stabilization system, BURANO is pioneering a new era in camera technology.

Furthermore, it introduces, for the first in time full-frame CineAlta cameras – Fast Hybrid and Subject Recognition Autofocus (AF) powered by AI.

Experience versatility, portability, and uncompromising quality with BURANO, a compact full-frame 8K cinema camera boasting 16 stops of latitude and image stabilization compatible with both PL and E-mount lenses.

Whether you’re working solo or with a team, BURANO’s adaptable design effortlessly caters to your production needs.

  • 8.6K Full-Frame image sensor
  • 8K 30p, 6K 60p and 4K 120p
  • A variety of image scan modes supported
  • Dual Base ISO (800 & 3200)
  • 16 stops of total latitude with low noise
  • Similar color reproduction with Venice 2
  • Four types of new look
  • IBIS ( In-Body Image Stabilization) for PL mount lens and E-mount lens.
  • Fast Hybrid AF with touch operation supported/subject recognition by AI processing unit(with E-mount lens)
  • Variable ND filter built-in
  • PL mount and E-mount supported
  • De-Squeeze display fort Anamorphic lens
  • Internal 16bit-X-OCN (LT) & 8K XAVC H (HEVC/H.265)
  • Captured onto CFexpress Type B memory card
  • Dual CFexpress Type B slots and SD card slot
  • 2,9kg including PL adaptor
  • Smooth and accurate focus and smooth Iris axis

Check out the official introduction video

Together with Sony, we are organizing the first presentation of the BURANO camera in Finland on Wednesday, October 25th. Register now to be among the first in Finland to experience Sony BURANO and to hear experts’ insights on this camera innovation!

Let’s delve deeper into the features of this exciting new Sony camera together. Find our Camera Team’s contact details below.

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