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 IBC 2023: Sony Monitor & Control

Sony released an app designed for visual creators offering wireless monitoring, precise exposure adjustments, and focus control accessible on the larger screen of smartphone or tablet for Sony Cinema Line cameras.


Sony Monitor & Control app enables to use smartphone or tablet as a wireless second screen for remote camera control. Access advanced monitoring tools and precise exposure adjustments.

Compatible Cameras (as of September 2023) include:

  • Sony FX6 (Ver. 3.00 or later)
  • Sony FX3 (Ver. 4.00 or later)
  • Sony FX30 (Ver. 3.00 or later)

Leverage the advantages of a larger screen to access valuable tools like waveform monitoring, false-color display, and histograms. These features enable more precise exposure adjustments during production, ensuring superior image quality.

Explore various focus functions, including touch focus and AF sensitivity adjustment.

An intuitive control bar on the screen simplifies focus settings, including manual focus. It provides preset upper and lower focus limits and allows for up to 350% magnification, ensuring precise focus adjustments.

Read more on Sony’s Creator’s Cloud website. You may also straight away download the app on App Store or Google Play to enhance your camera control experience. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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