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Meet us at the Red Carpet Film Festival Pro Day 2023!

Every year, the Red Carpet Pro Day brings together film professionals and enthusiasts for seminars, keynotes, and networking. The event culminates in a Gala, recognizing outstanding achievements within the industry.

Red Carpet
Red Carpet

Date and time:
Thu 24.8.2023 from 9.00
Place: Hyvinkääsali, Hyvinkää, Uusimaa
Price: Participation is free, Gala seats are sold separately

To boost diversity and draw new talents, the Pro Day showcases different production stages and spotlights expertise. This year, the main theme is cinematography and its various elements. We’re honoured to participate as an exhibitor with Sony, ARRI and Leitz.

Welcome to meet, greet, and test our professional cameras and related camera equipment! Announce your participation via the registration form at the event site.

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