Juha Blomster and Markus Paul joined TV Tools Board

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TV Tools strengthened its board in May 2020 when Juha Blomster and Markus Paul joined.

Brave solutions and remarkable experience to conquer the market


Juha Blomster is known as an expert in the media field. Now he desires to help TV Tools, a successful company offering technology solutions for the media field, to keep growing and developing to the next level.

Blomster acted as the CEO of A-lehdet, Talentum, Kauppalehti and Aamulehti. His work includes success stories in leading development and digitalisation with simultaneously maintaining the work environments satisfaction on an excellent level.

The views developed through a deep experience bring substantial value for TV Tools, which goal is to diversify their service business’ infrastructure (IaaS) and strengthen their market position towards the leading software development house in the media field. Juha’s selection for the board is simultaneously an investment in the well-being of the company’s personnel.

Blomster got interested in TV Tools’ diverse know-how and desire to grow within progressive technological solutions: “I’m especially inspired by the fact that all the owners of TV Tools are working in the company. The development of the business is truly a passion for partners.”

“Juha’s professionalism and solid experience in developing businesses and new services are in a class of their own. I am sure that I will get a good insight from him and support for the development of TV Tools. Together with Juha, we will certainly achieve our goal of being the leading player and partner in the industry and a first-class employer. Moreover, I am excited that I get such a experienced leader as a mentor, ” comments Mikko Kujala TV Tools’ CEO.


Rise to the top of software developers by enhancing market awareness


TV Tools, a company specialising in technology solutions within the media field is growing their board with a new name supporting the company’s vision to be the leading partner of the industry.

Markus Paul’s expertise comes from a 10 year background of entrepreneurship with media production and distribution. The collaboration with the biggest media houses gives TV Tools the significant contacts from networking and views to manage demanding customers.

In question is the CEO of TV Tools’ subsidiary company Media Tailor, focusing on media management and logistics through cloud-based solutions. Markus’ selection to the board adds to the inner synergy of the corporation.

Markus comments; “As a influencer of TV Tools I want to embrace the significance of progressive customer experience in the company’s everyday functions and take full advantage of the professional personnel as a plenipotentiary source of growth.”
TV Tools’ CEO Mikko Kujala states; “We’ve done a lot of great, close collaboration with Markus to support Media Tailor’s business development and growth. It’s great to now expand this collaboration further to TV Tools’ benefit as well. In addition, we are definitely going to take advantage of Markus’ expertise in building and developing teams.”

More Information:

Mikko Kujala I CEO – TV Tools Oy
+358 40 180 5555
[email protected] 

Juha Blomster I Member of the Board – TV Tools Oy
+358 50 414 4201
[email protected]

Markus Paul I Member of the Board – TV Tools Oy
+358 40 500 2000
[email protected]


TV Tools Board Members from 5/2020:

Timo Kujala  I Chairman of the Board
Juha Blomster I Member of the Board
Mikko Kujala I Member of the Board
Altti Loikkanen I Member of the Board
Markus Paul I Member of the Board

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